Each year, thousands of people are hospitalized due to heat stroke. Heat-related injuries can be mild, moderate, or severe.

Mild heat exposure results in dry mouth, body aches, and fatigue. The person rapidly improves once they are brought back to a cool environment and drink fluids.

Moderate heat exposure is also called heat cramps and heat exhaustion. These people can have a body temperature between 100° and 104°. They will have more symptoms, including muscle aches, abnormal sweating, agitation, and may become confused. Some of these patients will require IV fluids.

Severe heat exposure is called heat stroke. These patients will develop damage to the brain, kidneys, and heart. The body temperature is over 104°. These patients must be hospitalized and monitored very carefully. Without proper treatment, these patients will die.

Children left in car seats unattended can develop heat stroke in less than 30 minutes. Every year multiple cases occur which are completely preventable.

If you’re having any signs of heat illness, get into the shade and call 911.


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