Ep 50 It All Matters, The Parent Project with author Cathy Cardio

Contributors: Thomas Yeum and Dr. Emran On this episode of Simple Health Radio, Dr. Emran is joined by author Cathy Cardio in discussing her book “It All Matters: The Parent Project.” Listen to this episode on: Cardio…


Ep 47 Molly The Dog With Diabetes by author Kevin Coolidge

Dr. Emran is accompanied by author Kevin Coolidge in reviewing his impactful picture book: Molly the Dog with Diabetes. First, Coolidge discusses his inspiration for writing such a book, explaining how on his frequent 1-mile treks to work, he occasionally…


Ep 44 Integrative Psychology for ADHD with Dr. James Greenblatt

Contributors: Thomas Yeum and Dr. Emran Dr. James Greenblatt, aprofessor, child psychiatrist, and author, provides insight on the current diagnoses and treatments for ADHD. As a trained integrative psychiatrist, Dr. Greenblatt specializes in focusing on the limited nature of medication…


Ep 43 Telepharmacy and EazyRx with Megan Chilcott

Megan Chilcott, Senior Vice President of OrderInSite, talks about Telepharmacy and EazyRx. Patient compliant with medications is always a challenge. By allowing pharmacists to connect with patients directly, many medication errors can be prevented.

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Ep 42 Physician Marketing and Hispanic Health with Juan Morales

Written by Thomas Yeum In this episode, Dr. Emran is joined by Juan Morales, CEO and founder of Longevity Media Solutions, to discuss what his company strives to achieve and the current state of healthcare in the Hispanic population in…

dr weiss

Ep 41 Women in Medicine with Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Weiss

Dr. Emran is accompanied by Dr. Jennifer Weiss, a practicing specialist in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. Dr. Weiss discusses society’s perception of women in the medical field. She describes her nuanced personal experience while thriving in a male-dominated…

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Ep 40 Break Up, Don’t Break Down with Relationship Expert Dr. Ivan Young

Ep 40 Break Up, Don’t Break Down with Relationship Expert Dr. Ivan Young Dr. D. Ivan Young, dubbed the “relationship expert” joins us on the show today to describe the “Cliff Notes” edition of his life’s works. For him, it…