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On this episode of Simple Health Radio, Dr. Emran discusses Trichomoniasis the world’s most common non-virus sexually transmitted disease (STD).

“Annie” a healthy 25-year-old female came in the ER complaining of pelvic pain, had discharge and a slight odor. Annie was nervous as she had a new boyfriend and wanted to get checked out. The standard-er procedure was followed and she was given a pregnancy test and urinalysis test which were both negative. Cultures were taken to the lab to test for gonorrhea and other STDs. The lab called Dr. Emran and said she had trichomoniasis.

Trichomoniasis is caused by a protozoa parasite, Trichomonas. It is passed during vaginal, anal or oral sex. It affects the vagina, cervix or urethra in women and the urethra in men. It does not affect any other body parts.

Women are 3 times more likely to be affected than men. Infected pregnant women can pass along infection to the fetus.

About 70 % of those infected do not know they are infected as they do not have any signs or symptoms. They can carry the disease for months or even years. If signs and symptoms do a show, common ones are irritation in the genital area, discharge with an unusual foul odor, and discomfort during sex or urination.

Trichomoniasis is treated with antibiotics. Metronidazole (Flagyl) is available in both pill and cream form. The pill form can be more effective. Annie and her partner were both given this treatment. It is important to treat both parties at the same time to stop the spread of the infection.

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