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Every night, millions of parents around the world tuck their children in bed and put them to sleep. For many, it takes a lot more than just a bedtime story.

On today’s episode of the Simple Health Radio Podcast, Dr. Emran welcomes Deb Herdman from Australia. Deb is a businesswoman and published author with 25 years of nursing experience. She now works as a sleep expert and provides help to children who are problem sleepers.

Deb first encountered the issue of child sleep hygiene when she had her third kid who was a problem sleeper and required many hours every night to fall asleep. Troubled by her baby’s lack of rest, Deb began to learn music in an attempt to resolve the sleep issues. Eventually, Deb found herself composing sleep songs that worked wonders for her baby’s sleep, providing results even better than conventional lullabies and classical music.

Fascinated, Deb decided to share her work with the world and benefit children who struggle to get some shut-eye. Today, countless parents and their babies around the globe sleep soundly at night thanks to Deb’s songs.

Deb elaborates that her songs work so well because they combine a singing component with an instrumental component, a unique approach to sleep music. However, just the tunes are not enough; Deb also emphasizes that the best results are seen with a combination of her music and intimate parent-child interaction.

Bad sleep hygiene at a young age not only burdens parents but also puts children at risk for behavioral problems later in life. Deb is delighted to help alleviate a problem that plagues so many.

Having a good sleep pattern starting from infancy is critical to living a healthy life, which makes choosing the best approach for developing such habits of the utmost importance.

Parents of young children should definitely sleep on it.


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