On today’s episode of the Simple Health Radio Podcast, Dr. Emran is joined by Jim Keck, is a weight-loss expert, coach, author, and speaker. He is the owner of Kuma Health and Wellness, a natural health facility in Chicago, since 2003. Jim is the creator of the Drop Zone program that helps people around the world take control of their weight simply, naturally, and permanently. He is also the author of the book “Lose 20 lbs Keep It Off Forever”.

Jim talks about his Drop Zone program, a step-by-step plan to lose weight. He shares his own health story of losing weight. He says that obesity is now an epidemic since two-thirds of Americans are obese and one-third of American kids are overweight. That number continues to increases every year and that is why Jim’s mission is to find solutions.

He recommends that losing weight must be simple and natural to keep it off long-term. Weight loss must be permanent. Otherwise, losing weight and gaining it back again causes serious side effects. Losing weight is hard, but don’t make it harder on yourself. Do simple things every day, multiply it over time, and watch the tremendous results.

Diet and exercise may not be enough to lose weight because there may be a mental factor to it. The mind has a big role in losing weight. People who are happy and comfortable will have a much easier time losing weight. You need to eat food you enjoy and do the things you love to do.

Forget about diets. Just eating healthier has a better outcome because when you’re eating better, the mind can support you instead of struggling.

You don’t need to eat perfectly but just eat better. You don’t need to do special exercises in the gym with tools and equipment. However, you must do something every day to keep yourself motivated.

Take control of your mind to gain control of your weight!


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