Ep 50 It All Matters, The Parent Project with author Cathy Cardio

Contributors: Thomas Yeum and Dr. Emran
On this episode of Simple Health Radio, Dr. Emran is joined by author Cathy Cardio in discussing her book “It All Matters: The Parent Project.”
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Cardio describes this book as a must-read for all age levels due to the
universally applicable nature of its theme. The book calls for deep introspection and a second look at the reader’s closest relationships, especially with their own parents.
In recounting her inspiration for writing such a book, she looks to her personal relations with her grandparents. Although she was very close with them, she admits that there were still many questions that she regrets not asking them after they had passed. This frustration and sadness moved her to prevent the same outcome from occurring to her children and the next generation in general. Tasked with the job of sorting the items in her grandparents’ attic, she came across various hints of their past life. These bits of memorabilia found their way into the web of answers that Cardio was searching for.
A recurring theme of this book, as Cardio states, is the importance of understanding the shortness of life and taking each living moment to the fullest. It isn’t worth living a life of mediocrity, she says.
Cardio recommends the listeners to make a bucket list of extravagant, out-of-this-world experiences that will most likely be impossible to fully check off. According to her, the important thing is being able to lay on one’s deathbed knowing that they lived an adventurous life free of regret.
Upon responding to Dr. Emran’s invitation to express any last thoughts, Cardio reiterates a common but wise statement: the fact that one will not find peace unless they know what they want in life.
This truth emphasizes the importance of introspection and not living life going through the motions – a similar motif found in her book. There is more to a person than their diagnoses and medical history, she explains; there is an entire emotional component to people that often gets overlooked.
It All Matters: the Parent Project:

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