Ep 49 Chronic Pain with Dr. Twogood

Dr. Daniel Twogood
Contributors: Honeyzel Ontolan and Dr. Emran of Simple Health Radio

On today’s episode of the Simple Health Radio Podcast, Dr. Emran is joined by Dr. Daniel Twogood, a Chiropractor (35 years in practice). He is an author of many books including How to Rid Your Body of PainMSG is EverywhereNo Milk,  and his newest book Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days (4th Edition).

Dr. Dan talks about the causes of chronic pain and possible ways to get rid of it. He observes that we have an opioid epidemic because not all conventional doctors know what causes chronic pain. Dr. Dan defines chronic pain as “the failure to heal.”

Doctors should ask patients what they have consumed and how it affects them. They should also about what their lifestyle is and what medications they’re taking because everything you put into your body has an effect.

This approach will help doctors figure out what specific substances could be contributing to those problems. Then, you can start the elimination process to remove factors that interfere with healing. In this way, ‘the body will heal itself’.

Also, Dr. Dan mentions 3 forms of stress that really contribute to chronic diseases: physical stress, mental stress and chemical stress (which is the most powerful one). The accumulation of multiple forms of stress can cause the body to break down.

Dr. Dan’s last piece of advice is that patients should help their doctors by taking the responsibility to cooperate and remove those things contributed to their symptoms. This will ultimately help to make the treatment successful.


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