Ep 48: Coach Kela Smith, Infertility and Diet


On today’s episode of the Simple Health Radio Podcast, Dr. Emran is joined by Coach Kela Smith who is a Health and Life Coach, a diet expert, specializez in helping women and pregnancy.

Coach Kela shares her infertility experience, how she was diagnosed and the process she went through to fight it. It was during that difficult time that she started researching, learning, and building a program on how to help manage infertility.

She emphasizes a balanced diet to promote natural hormones to conceive a healthy baby. She also tackles Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) as the main cause of infertility which is linked with diabetes.

She recommends a healthy lifestyle and getting proper nutrition for women in order to lose weight on post-pregnancy. She also gives advice for breastfeeding women to increase milk production.

kelahealthcoach.com, FB @kelahealthcoach and on IG @kela_healthcoach

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