Ep 47 Molly The Dog With Diabetes by author Kevin Coolidge


Dr. Emran is accompanied by author Kevin Coolidge in reviewing his impactful picture book: Molly the Dog with Diabetes.

First, Coolidge discusses his inspiration for writing such a book, explaining how on his frequent 1-mile treks to work, he occasionally meets his neighbor and their dog, Molly. Upon learning that Molly had been diagnosed with diabetes, an idea popped into his head: to make an account of this experience. He actualized this idea by writing an entire story and eventually having it published with the help of a successful gofundme campaign in May 2018.

Coolidge describes the message that he wanted to portray to his young audience. He explains that he wants them to know that people with diabetes still have the ability to lead healthy, normal lives; a powerful message to young people who might not understand the extent of such illnesses.

Coolidge ends the interview with an inspirational statement, urging anyone with even the littlest idea of a book idea to act upon it, as adventure will follow.

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