Ep 44 Integrative Psychology for ADHD with Dr. James Greenblatt

Contributors: Thomas Yeum and Dr. Emran

Dr. James Greenblatt, aprofessor, child psychiatrist, and author, provides insight on the current diagnoses and treatments for ADHD.
As a trained integrative psychiatrist, Dr. Greenblatt specializes in focusing on the limited nature of medication while examining the different schools of thought to treat patients. By integrating different techniques, this interdisciplinary approach allows him to provide solutions without the common side effects that comes with strictly using medication.
General psychiatry is symptom based because it looks into the effects of diseases to diagnose them. However his integrative approach peers into the causes to pinpoint possible treatments by fixing chemical imbalances and environmental causes.
Dr. Greenblatt explains his definition of ADHD which is a neurobiological disease where the brain has a hard time controlling neurological impulses. The impulses case short attention span and increased restlessness. There are many causes for this disease which allows Dr. Greenblatt to use his multi-faceted approach in discerning the culprit.
As pharmaceutical companies expand worldwide, we find a growing trend of increased pills to fix our illnesses. While seemingly beneficial at first glance, such a development has serious side effects resulting in new symptoms and complex secondary illnesses. For example, common side effects of ADHD medication are decreased appetite, insomnia, and irritability. These side effects thus require more medication to alleviate those symptoms, creating a never-ending chain of intervention.
Although Dr. Greenblatt’s approach can take longer to have a substantial effect, it relieves his patients from having to deal with the common side effects that occur with taking pills.
Dr. Greenblatt’s book: Finally Focused
Dr. Greenblatt’s website:

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