Ep 42 Physician Marketing and Hispanic Health with Juan Morales

Simple Health Radio

Written by Thomas Yeum

In this episode, Dr. Emran is joined by Juan Morales, CEO and founder of Longevity Media Solutions, to discuss what his company strives to achieve and the current state of healthcare in the Hispanic population in Houston.

According to Morales, Longevity Media Solutions was created to bolster the online presence and network of physicians. The goal is to use social media to position physicians into the best light and promote their community presence. This is extremely beneficial according to Dr. Emran since medical school does not involve learning online business skills or social media management. Thus, Morales’s service is able to ease this burden off of busy physicians.

Morales outlines another common issue regarding healthcare and the internet. Magnified by the prevalence of internet use, the social norm is to google symptoms online which can be detrimental to patients. Dr. Emran agrees, explaining how there have been many occasions when patients use google searches to justify having crazy illnesses simply because one of their symptoms matches up with the ones online. Morales feels that healthcare providers should provide better information about illnesses and symptoms, rendering this issue obsolete and limiting the number of stressed and fearful patients.


Lastly, Morales discusses the current atmosphere of healthcare in the Hispanic population. Hispanics historically have a large risk of diabetes or high blood pressure and many Hispanics have come to accept this fact as the norm. However, being Hispanic should not directly relate to such high rates. Some reasons why the numbers are so high include a different cultural approach to healthcare, language barriers, the quick pace of healthcare, and the lack of time to allow doctors to investigate the causes of diseases and symptoms. Therefore the main reason for these high rates could be a hidden environmental factor that is being constantly overlooked. This is where Morales’s company can help. Through the use of telemedicine, where Spanish-speaking physicians are paired to Spanish-speaking patients, the culprits of such diseases can be more easily pinpointed and rates decreased.




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